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  • the door + house it belongs to was at 11050-90 ave
  • it still appears on google maps but in reality, this home no longer exists
  • it was one of 10 homes the university of alberta decided they needed gone to make room for student housing
  • most of the homes were built in the 1920s and were acquired by the university in the 1970s
  • the u of a looked for potential buyers of the historical homes, to buy and move the structures
  • the asking price for each house was $0
  • it was destroyed in july 2014 — watch the demolition video here

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  • the name capilano dates back to before the area was annexed by edmonton in 1954
  • the neighbourhood and the bridge is likely named after the capilano river, canyon and suspension bridge in north vancouver, bc
  • capilano is the english adaption of the salish word for ‘people of the kiap’
  • the coast salish peoples are a group of ethnically and linguistically related indigenous peoples of the pacific northwest coast

zine | not at the mall | phase 8 | adventure time soundtrack | renny wilson

although renny has since moved to montreal, we are going to claim him as our own. edmonton 4ever!

this song is about renny’s old neighbour, doug callaway, who would call his parents phone all the time to tell the band to stop rehearsing so loud.

all instruments were recorded at the edmonton studio, riverdale recorders. in october 2011. co-engineered by another local, garrett johnson.

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the formal team name was commercial graduates basketball club.
they were an edmonton-based women’s basketball team from 1915-1940. to this day they continue to hold the north american record for the sports team with the best winning percentage of all time.

  • they were coached by j. percy page
  • based at mcdougall commercial high school in edmonton
    started as a high-school team
  • they won 93% of their games
  • they won 49 out of a possible 51 domestic titles
  • after losing the first n.american championship series in 1933, the grads went on to win the next three (1934, 1935, 1936)
  • in 1924 they were declared world champions
  • at the time of their retirement, the grads held 108 titles at local, provincial, western, national, international and world levels

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  • built in 1913 by local hotelier, politician and businessman william henry sheppard. he was a former mayor of strathcona (before it became part of edmonton).
  • after he had purchased land in groat estates to expand his brewery company.
  • chicago architect bernard barthel designed the building.
  • it cost $250,000 to construct.
  • in 1927, the brewery was sold to fritz sick of lethbridge. he’s the guy who first brewed old style pilsner or pil. it was back in 1926.
  • in 1958, it was and acquired by molson.
  • august 2007, molson closed the brewery in due to an ongoing worker’s strike, the shift in consumer preferences from bottled to canned beer and the company’s loss of a contract to brew the foster’s group brand.
  • 136 people were laid off.

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here’s the google map, so you can find the great outdoors: http://bit.ly/1k7D6UN

  • adolf minchau was born in 1890 in russia
  • he emigrated to canada in 1907, settling in the town of strathcona
  • he worked for john walter as a millwright at the southside sawmill
  • he set-up his own blacksmith shop in 1912
  • the first shop was at 7719-99 street
  • in 1928 he moved his shop to 8108-101 street
  • he operated the blacksmith and machine shop until 1955 when his sons fred and stanley took it over
  • they continued to run the business until 1980

*info from http://www.artsrn.ualberta.ca/GermansInAlberta/?page=331