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here’s the google map

you can ride the streetcar for this adventure time. it’ll take you right along where the mural is.

the streetcar began operating along the high level bridge on november 8, 1908. but then on september 2, 1951 the streetcar #52 made its final trip along 109 street from 83 avenue across the top deck of the high level bridge. it ran accident-free until abandonment in 1951.

in early 1979, a group of volunteers restored the streetcar, edmonton 1. it was the only one that survived in the city.
here’s an album of the beaut: https://flic.kr/s/aHsjTuNYH3

for the city’s 75th anniversary, the restored streetcar ventured across the high level bridge during the thanksgiving weekend in 1979. it rode along the surviving railway track, towing a generator car.

a year later in 1980, based on the success of the 1979 event, the same volunteers formed the edmonton radial railway society. service over the entire line from strathcona to grandin commenced in august 1997.

today they have one of the largest heritage transit organizations in the country. in fact it is the largest fleet of heritage streetcars in western canada.

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