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his dad was a french canadian fur trader and his mom was from the ojibway people.

he left manitoba with his family after particpating in louis riel’s métis
rebellion of 1869-70.

in 1874, they arrived in strathcona, which is now known as edmonton. they staked out land on the southside of the north saskatchewan river. it
was between 109 and 112 street to where university ave is today.
there they planted a tree that still stands. it is maple tree which is now found on the eastern edge of the hub mall parking lot. this “garneau tree” is the oldest tree in the garneau neighbourhood and possibly even in the city. more on historic edmonton trees here.

then in 1885, he was arrested and imprisoned for six months for
refusing to obey a martial laworder. it instructed residents to take refuge in fort edmonton from a rumoured aboriginal attack.

while he was in prison, his wife and 11 children were taken in by chief
papasschayo of the papaschase tribe. 

after his release, he focused on fur trading, wood-cutting, ranching and land speculation.

he left edmonton in 1901 and moved to st. paul.

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